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1 x copper-plated Jigger with damask detailing
1 x copper-plated Julep Strainer with damask detailing
1 x Mixing Glass with acid-etched damask detailing
1 x 30cm copper-plated Bar Spoon with damask detailing

Dimensions of the items (Inches & Lbs):
Mixing Glass: 3.7"x3.46"x5.91" 1.33 Lb. 16.9 fl oz capacity
Julep Strainer: 7.09"x2.95"x0.67" 0.11 Lb.
Bar Spoon: 11.69"x1.14"x0.47" 0.1 Lb.
Jigger: 1.81"x1.81"x4.92" 0.11 Lb.

Dimensions of the items (Cm & Grams):
Mixing Glass: 9.4x8.8x15 cm 603 grams 635ml capacity
Copper Julep Strainer: 18x7.5x1.7 cm 67 grams
Copper Bar Spoon: 29.7x 2.9x1.2 cm 45 grams
Copper Jigger: 4.6x4.6x12.5 cm 49 grams 30/60ml capacity

Dimensions of the Gift Box:
Height: 3.82" – 9.7 cm
Width: 3.94" – 10 cm
Length: 13.74" – 34.9 cm
Weight: 1.39 pounds – 630 grams

The high-quality tools in the Absolut Elyx Martini Collection are made using premium stainless steel, copper-plated and hand-polished, while the elegantly etched mixing glass is handcrafted in Poland. The collection is presented in a stunning ready-to-gift box with copper damask detailing, making it an ideal gift for all martini enthusiasts.

Please wash in warm soapy water before use. Not dishwasher safe. Hand-wash only and do not soak. Do not use abrasive cleaning products and always dry thoroughly. Intended for use with mixed drinks only. Each Absolut Elyx item in this set is made of copper-plated zinc sealed with an FDA-approved food-safe lacquer.


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