Speakeasy On Demand delivers the party to you!

Our expert mixologists at Bar Lab are serving up five finely crafted cocktails to your door.  

Speakeasy On Demand cocktails are made with FRESH ingredients and garnishes - no batched syrupy mixes or cans - and each cocktail kit is outfitted with two servings each - TEN COCKTAILS total!

Pair these tipsy treats with electrifying performances by our world class entertainers for a once in a lifetime at-home experience that fuses Cirque, Burlesque. Magic and Mixology!

Who's In  it?

Our Fall 2020 cast features Miss Miranda, Dan Sperry, Autumn Miller, Christian Stoinev,

Mike Peele, Hazel Honeysuckle, Big Will Simmons, Ivan “Flipz” Velez, Dushaun Thompson,

Lauren Irving, Jayre Wuo, Tiago and Carol, the Absolut Acrobats and many more incredible artists!

Who Should Buy tickets?

Anyone who loves a good time!!!  The show can be viewed ALL OVER THE WORLD.

We currently ship cocktail kits to the continental United States excluding Hawaii.

Rates are offered for just the show experience without the cocktail kit as well.

Enjoy this tantalizing evening with that special someone, share the party on Zoom with friends around the globe, or tuck into cocktails for one as you give over to the temptations of

Speakeasy On Demand.  



How Does It Work?

Purchase your ticket online here 

 Your BarLab cocktail kit, Speakeasy On Demand password, and log-in instructions will arrive at your door for your selected performance week.

 Once you're ready to party down with us, get out your Bar Lab cocktail kit, favorite glassware,

liquor, and ice, as a step by step mixology class is part of the show! 

 PRO-TIP - Carb load before showtime as you’re about to enjoy FIVE COCKTAILS in 80 minutes!



How Do I Watch the Show?

Speakeasy On Demand can be viewed on any Smart TV, Computer or Tablet. 

Be sure to set your video player to high resolution, 1080p. 



What Else Do I Need While Watching the Show?

We provide you with fresh cocktail creations, garnishes, vodka and the password to the show! 

Two of the drinks call for bourbon, so pull out your favorite brand to have it on hand during the experience along with ice, a shaker (or pint glasses put together if you don't have one), stirring spoon and two fabulous cocktail glasses of your choice.  If you want to get really fancy purchase the barware products that we will be using from ELYX in advance and treat yourself!



Speakeasy On Demand

What’s your pleasure?